Saturday, June 30, 2012

Colorado Springs Fires - Part 2

Three Blocks East of Destruction

My neighbor just walked into my house. We were 3 blocks from the flames. She evacuated under a cloud of thick black smoke that made our neighborhood appear like it was midnight in the afternoon. She could hardly see to drive. Four days later, she calls and tells me that I will find my home just as I left it. There is a very faint smell of smoke that can easily be aired out. My church just up the street had flames burning across the road but it is fine too. That is what you call a miracle. There is a world of destruction 3 blocks away from me. My other neighbor called and told me that she had never been so frightened in her life.  In fact, fleeing the neighborhood during the fire was more frightening to her then when her doctor told her she had cancer.  Both of my neighbors are sleeping in their homes tonight but are on a pre-evacuation notice in case the fire comes back. It is still burning.  My dogsitter will return home tomorrow.  She said that both of the dogs were so scared when they evacuated but did fine down near Trinidad where they stayed.  It will be a happy reunion when my dog and I go home together to our home and find it as we left it.  Today is my actual birthday.  Finding out about my home and my neighbors homes is the best birthday present that I could have ever hoped for.

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